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15. Aug, 2011

Why I Love My “Job”!

Why I Love My “Job”!

I have often thought that Ty Pennington had the coolest job in doing Extreme Home Makeover, but after our recent trip to India, I’ve been reminded again that I have the coolest job.  Yes, it is my “job”, but it is so much more than that!  Mel and I led the team of 18 from here in NZ to India and even had the privilege of having two of our kids with us.  Seeing people’s eyes opened to other people and cultures, seeing that God can and will use them, and that He is indeed faithful and sovereign.  That is what I love to see!

Two different people shared after the trip that their perspective of India and Indians has changed as a result of going.  One of them said they can’t get India off their mind and pray so much more for India and the ministries we witnessed.  Two young guys shared that they believe cross-cultural service and ministry will likely be part of their future in some capacity, something they hadn’t even contemplated before the trip.

During the trip, at one our morning meetings at breakfast, I asked one older gentleman to pray.  He later shared with Melanie that it was the first time he’d ever prayed publicly.  Another gentleman, one with a physical disability, was unsure why he was even suppose to go on the trip, but knew that God wanted him to go.  And yet to watch how God used him to encourage and challenge the people we met and then to hear two of the team members say that he was one of the people who most impacted them on the trip.

And then there was the impact on our hosts.  It was the first time a team had gone from our church to serve alongside them.  To see our host in tears at the end of our time there because we were such an encouragement and blessing to them, definitely makes it all worthwhile!

Yep, I’ve got one of the coolest “jobs” and I’m so grateful that God is willing to use broken vessels like the Stark family to accomplish His divine purposes!

13. May, 2011

Lessons from a Luggage Cart

Lessons from a Luggage Cart

I’m about to head out to another airport to begin my trip home to see my family on the other side of the world. Airports are interesting places, wonderful places to people watch.

Lessons from a Luggage Cart

As I’ve watched folks, I’ve observed some broad generalities in people, particularly when it comes to their luggage and travel.

There are those that have luggage carts weighed down with multiple bags, often pushed by parents trying to figure out where to go, keeping the cart going straight and trying to keep their small children in tow. People that look exhausted, bogged down with the responsibilities and searching for the right direction.

Then there are those, often in business attire, pulling a lone rolling carry-on bag behind them. They are focused, know right where they are headed and moving with what appears to be purpose. They may be checking their messages on their phone or talking into their Bluetooth headset. They get frustrated with the luggage cart crowd and never slow down enough to notice let alone enjoy where they are.

Enjoy the ViewFinally, there are the backpackers. They typically stroll leisurely along, and all they need is on their back. They don’t mind stopping to enjoy the view or smell the flowers. They love to engage in conversation and connect with people as they travel. They are more interested in the journey than the destination.

To be honest, on various trips, I’ve fallen into each of those categories. When I traveled most weekends for ministry, I was the focused rolling carry-on person. When we’ve moving internationally, I was definitely the luggage cart Dad. And on some occasions, honestly not enough times, I just carry my backpack and enjoy the experience.

But the observations go beyond just traveling and apply to life. As you travel down life’s highway, are you bogged down by too much luggage and the cares of this world? Are you so focused and filled with agendas that you don’t even stop to notice people and enjoy life? Or do you realize that really, it is as much about the journey as it is the destination?

Might we all stop to enjoy the view, smell the flowers and invest in relationships as we journey through life.