08. Aug, 2010


So I have had some interesting encounters lately of people in my life who have some pretty strong opinions. I found myself today getting really angry at the audacity of people who seem to think that they have the right to sit in judgement over others.

I have spent my whole life cowering in the corner watching life happen around me. Due to some yucky things from my past, (none of which really need to be rehashed here) I would find myself believing anything that people I trusted would tell me. The older I get, the more that I realize that I don’t need to take this belief.

I think that because I was pretty much a push over earlier, I let people run over me, and would find myself one who was being judged by those around me. I didn’t talk the same as they did, I didn’t act the same as they did, I wanted different things in life than they did. That apparently left a door open for the judgers to walk thru and pass judgement on me. I spent some years in pretty incredible pain believing some of the things that were said to me and about me. Again, don’t need to give any examples of some of these statements, just sitting here writing about them makes me hurt and angry all over again.

But I think what God has been teaching me in the last couple of years, that those who believe that they can look at someone else’s life and pass judgement really do themselves a great sin. He reminds me again that we are not to try and remove the splinter in our brothers eye until we remove the log in our own. To judge others really is putting them in a box and never believing that it can or will be any different in their lives. And here is the biggest thing that Jesus loving reminds me of again and again…

What about GRACE? Grace that says, “we are *ALL* fallen creatures” and that not one single one of us deserves anything different than hell!!! That it is only by His grace, and sanctification that we are worthy of better. I can’t rightly look at your life and make decisions based on what I *think* that I see, and then pass judgement on you. Until you are willing to walk with someone, and understand what has lead them to that place, and why they act or feel a certain way, then, in my book, you shouldn’t feel free to criticize them or their life.

I think what we are missing is that less and less people are willing to walk with each other thru the hard things in life. To walk hand in hand, knowing that together we are stronger and more able to handle the fiery darts that the enemy sends our way. I might be struggling with something right now, but tomorrow might be your turn to struggle. By not judging you, and you not judging me, then we have built a trust that will extend far into the future of joy and hardships!!! Doing life together, instead of feeling like we are battling all on our own is where I want my friendships to be.

And maybe for me, that is what it comes down to. Trust. If I know that you have my best in mind, and believe in the best for me, and are not sitting back believing this or that about me or my life, than I am more readily able to hand my trust over to you. It is a hard thing for me to do. To trust someone other than my husband, kids, or best friend, (all who have proved themselves over and over and over again to be trustworthy) is hard for me. And yet I long to share “life” (mine and yours) with people. I want to be supportive, and strong for my friends, knowing that I will need them to be strong for me when I feel beat up and trodden down by the enemy. He strikes deeply and well in my life, how about you? Does he seem to know exactly what can and will “take you out”?

Then why not throw out the self righteous attitudes, and stop pointing out the “wrongs” that you think that you see, and instead join up hands and move forward?