23. Jul, 2012

Even when the world is shaking…

Even when the world is shaking…

Today my heart was broken for families that I love. I felt my heart squeeze until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I fought back the tears that threatened to explode out of me and I swallowed the rage that swelled up inside of me.  And  I thought of all the many reasons that these situations were crap. I asked God why things like this are allowed to happen because surely this can’t be His plan? How can this be good?!?!? As I settled down a bit and got into my work for the day I asked God to open my heart to His voice, because I needed to hear from Him. I needed to know that He was still there listening to the cries of His children. My heart needed reminded that He cares about the hurt and the pain of this world. Thankfully, God does hear and He does care. He spoke to my heart and reminded me of a poem I wrote about His goodness. This is what He reminded me….

God is good
when I wake in the morning
and see a new light
taking one more breath
to prove I’m alive
and start another ordinary day
rolling sleepily out of bed
You are good.

He is good
when the day starts
with the same trouble
I fell asleep with
the night before
and I’m not sure
if I’ll survive another day
my God is good.

My God is good
when tears of pain
roll down my cheeks
as I watch lives fall apart
at the hands of evil men
and I feel helpless
to do anything about it
You are good.

He is good
when nothing seems fair
and the world is falling to corruption
with people dying every day
to diseases that could be stopped
and bad things continue to happen
to good people who don’t deserve it
God is good.

God is good
all the time
when life is harsh and unrelenting
when life is easy and exciting
even when life is normal
and seems boring from day to day
all the time
God is good.

You see even in the midst of the darkness and pain of this world, God is still God. He doesn’t change just because the world is shaking around us. The very essence of God is goodness and thus He can be nothing other than good because otherwise it would go against His character. The circumstances of this life can be devastatingly painful but I believe that God sees our pain, He is not blind to it. In fact I reckon it grieves Him when He sees the evil that runs rampant in this world and how it effects His children.

So tonight, even though I don’t understand it and I wish things were different, I trust that God will make something good come of it. Because that is what He does and that is what I will cling to.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.”~ Romans 8:28