Oct 31


by in Peppa

Some of you may have heard that at the beginning of October I injured myself when I was tackled by a teenager at work. From that time my hip has given me continual problems. Today as I sat once again in the physiotherapist’s office with tears in my eyes, I felt immensely discouraged.  She had just finished trying to get me to bring my knee to my chest as she gently pushed down on it; which consequently caused pain to shoot through my hip and made me cry out. Hence the tears. I have now been referred to have an ultrasound done on the muscles surrounding my hip as she believes I have torn something in my muscles. I sat there only hearing half of what she was saying to me because to be honest they thought they figured out the issue before, only to be wrong. I thought about having to get up in a few minutes and the way my hip would surely catch as I stood. I thought about how many steps it would be back to my car. I thought about how much pain I have been in the past weeks when I have sat, stood, walked, slept, etc. I thought about how much I don’t want to hurt anymore.

As I was thinking and sorting through my thoughts, I felt as though God was asking me for some time. Just Him and me, without any distractions. So I went down to the back of camp and laid in the grass for a while, praying and chatting with God, watching the clouds drift lazily by. God started whispering to my heart to just stop and breathe. He asked me to breathe without saying anything, without praying, without doing anything but breathe.  I’m not sure how long I lay like that, just breathing and feeling the warmth of the sun of my face but eventually He spoke to my heart again. You see I have been busy the last couple of months. I have run from one thing to the next without stopping for air, until I fall into my bed at night exhausted. Today Papa reminded me of the need to slow down and appreciate the life around me. I lay on that grass and quieted my soul before Him. I have been so busy that I have been missing God in the moments that surround my days. I have become so hectic and drawn into the lie that I need to fill my days with as much stuff as I can, that I have been missing my Papa whisper to my heart. I know that God will take everything and make it work together for the good of those who love them. Today I can’t help but wonder if God is taking this injury to my hip and asking me to slow down(not that I think He caused the injury or that He won’t heal my hip, I just think He is using it as a tactile teaching thing for me).

Today as I lay in that grass I felt at peace for the first time in a long while. I felt God’s Spirit wash over my soul and a quiet calm settle in. Does my hip feel better? No. But more importantly my heart is at rest and it feels better. As I got up to walk back home I was reminded once again by the gentle whisper to just breathe.

129. Moments where God so clearly speaks to my heart
130. Watching the clouds in the sky
131. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin
132. The feel of grass beneath my feet
133. The physio who is working so hard to find answers
134. The reminder to slow down
135. Friends and fun times at a BBQ
136. Elderly ladies wanting to chat and their sweet spirits
137. Finishing outdoor first aid
138. Sista’s conference starting tomorrow
139. A pool to swim in
140. Noodle canteen opening in Matamata
141. The birds singing outside my window
142. A fresh breeze
143. Bible reading in the morning to challenge and inspire
144. Making daisy chains on the field
145. Beautiful spring days

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