Oct 19

The blessing of friends

by in Peppa

I have been keeping a list of thing I am grateful for the last few days but our blog site was down for some reason. We are back in action now though, so the list continues…

I guess the last week I have really been grateful for the friends God has placed in my life. I have been beyond blessed with a few really close friends who speak wisdom and truth into my life. I treasure each moment of laughter, tears and just the ability to do life together. Two years ago I was very much alone besides my family, God has graciously chosen to grant me the gift of friendship while I have been here in New Zealand. I know it might sound simple but just the ability to relate and have people know me and be known by me is enough to make my heart want to burst. Thanks Papa for all the wonderful people you have put into my life. How blessed am I?


88. Heidi and her beautiful friendship
89. Getting the chance to share life through skype with my friend
90. A day off to work on my quilt and get the front all sewn together
91. Lee allowing me to take over her house and all her help with my quilt
92. Baking for others and the awesome smells that make my house smell yummy
93. Impromptu singing session on the terrace
94. The turning of another page in a good book
95. Coffee with a friend, where neither of us got coffee
96. Watching the café’ owner steal branches off the pretty trees on the main road
97. The sense of community with those on site
98. Random barbecues and movies
99. Potato salad that reminds me of my grandma
100. Heart moments with God as He reveals more of His word
101. Little brownies who are excited to share what they did on holiday and things they learned
102. The feel of the grass underneath my feet
103. The feeling of cold water going down my throat the first thing in the morning
104. Cherry blossoms drifting in the wind
105. Moments to see God’s perfect timing and the beauty that brings
106. An unexpected card from Katie Waa
107. Driving in the car with the windows down and music blaring
108. Having a great family doctor( Dr. Miranda Churchill) who takes the time for her patients and actually hears them
109. Sun in the midst of rain
110. Brilliant rainbows with the most vibrant colors
111. My friend Jenn and the joy she brings to my life
112. Random gift of jelly beans
113. This weird Kinesio tape that is trying to help my rib and hip, I’m just excited about the bright color it comes in!
114. Red wine and dark chocolate…enough said
115. Seeing Pitch Perfect and laughing so hard my stomach hurt :)

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