Sep 28

Living through the ups and downs

by in Peppa

Today has been one of those days that I have needed to open my eyes a little wider to catch a glimpse of the beauty around me. It has been a trying day to say the least. After having a camp of about 370 kids and somewhere around 35 adults all week, I think it’s safe to say everyone is tired. I had moments today where I was stressed to the max which of course resulted in tears. There were also moments when I actually thought I could throttle people if I didn’t care about my job so much. I even walked away from one of the adult clients as he sat yelling at me. I figured after I had my shower that it was time to blog and remember the beautiful moments of today.

44. One of the staff seeing my distress and praying for me for that moment and the rest of the day
45. The campers that would just call my name and say hi to me throughout the day
46. The smiles on a lot of the campers faces
47. Volunteers that gave so much of their time this week simply to help us out
48. A night to just relax and watch a movie with my friends
49. The ability of our team to pull together and accomplish what needs to be done
50. The fact that the tiredness of everyone shows what a great camp it was
51. Taking a moment to watch the cute ducklings as they cross the grass
52. Seeing the two beautiful parakeets that come back every year to camp in the spring (apparently they aren’t really parakeets so maybe they are lorikeets? I don’t know I just know they are stunning!)
53. A friend choosing to send a care package from the States for me
54. Re-connecting through facebook with the man who saved my life…literally.
I have to share the story behind number 54. When I was in High School I was pretty messed up and somehow I ended up in the office of Bob and Chris. Both were teachers who had  hearts for the kids in the school who probably wouldn’t survive High School. Meaning they cared about the kids everyone else thought were too much. Chris pulled me into her office one day after one of my friends told her about me. From that day on I traveled a rocky road to graduation with Bob and Chris. I will never forget the day I came home to find out that Bob had come to my house and waited for me to get home. You see he knew that I would not survive the night and so he came to make sure I did. He waited awkwardly with my grandma until I came home from my movie. Thus he knew that I was safe, and would not harm myself that night. The next day of course I was furious with him but the thing about Bob was that he could take it. He believed in tough love and that is exactly what I needed.

Chris and Bob were the first people to take notice of me and really see the hurting heart I held inside. They fought for me in such a hard core way.  I didn’t realize until the last week of classes my senior year just how much they worried about me. The last day I had class with Bob he looked me in the eye and told me that I was the first person that he had ever come across that he honestly didn’t know if I would be there the next day. Meaning he didn’t know if I would kill myself in the night. I will never be able to truly say thank you enough to this man because honestly I would not be here today if it were not for him. I would never know the beauty of New Zealand or the beauty of being able to truly live. He opened my eyes to the huge possibilities around me and showed me that there would be life after High School but that I had to reach out and take it. I owe a lot of my strength and perseverance to him. Man… to find him on facebook was awesome, it really made my day!

p.s. since I was talking about Bob from High School I figured I would throw in our High School logo so that is the picture for the blog today :)

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