Sep 26

Just another day at the Springs…

by in Peppa

Today I figured I would just leave it to the list of things I am grateful for :)

26. A tattoo artist that is passionate about his work
27. Sitting outside with friends for lunch, just so we can soak up more of the sun
28. A little boy who chose to try his first activity at camp because I asked him to
29. Learning the meanings behind Maori kids names, such huge depth to a lot of them
30. Feeling the cool breeze against my face
31. A lost envelope of finances returned to my family…3 weeks later
32. Listening to the voice of my neighbor as she worships God with her incredible gift
33. Bean bags left from my friend, which make my unit a lot more comfortable
34. Having a full day of instructing and realizing why I love my job so much
35. Finding out I am much more confident in front of groups than I used to be
36. Being able to curl up and watch a movie because of a generous giving heart from a friend
37. The sense of anticipation that is building for kids camp and the lives that will be changed
38. My dad downloading the broncos game so I could watch my team…even though they played terrible
39. Random trips to sushi with friends
40. The groups of campers that make my job easier
41. The groups of campers who are off their rockers because they help me appreciate the groups that run smoothly
42. For my pile of rocks that remind of who God is and what He does in my life
43. That the rain held off today so we could run with the scheduled program

This photo was taken at work while we were waiting for sports teams to show up…gotta be grateful for some down time!

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