Sep 23

The thankful man

by in Peppa

A thought has been rolling through my head the last few days about a story from the Gospels. Basically it is about these ten men who had leprosy who cried out to God to have mercy on them. Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priests and as the men went Jesus healed them. Out of the ten men, only one came back to thank Jesus for what He had done (paraphrased from Luke 17:11-19). Did you catch that? Only one of them returned, out of TEN. Wouldn’t you think that one of their first thoughts would be to thank the man who healed them of the terrible disease?

It’s easy to think that when the story has nothing to do with you, yet haven’t I done just that? How often have I walked through my days not even bothering to thank God for what He has done, or for the gifts that He has given to me? I often go through my days without once acknowledging God for a single thing. As I continue on this journey I am realizing that there is a lot that God wants to teach me about gratitude and thankfulness. I have a feeling that He wants me to wake out of the cloud of sleepiness and praise Him with my first breath, to be thankful for the every gift of another day.  As I dive deeper into this journey I am thrown by the weight of my ingratitude.  I never imagined that by embarking on this dare, God would reveal how much my heart needs to change.

So on days 4-6 the list continues.

13. Quiet solitude at work so I can ponder and listen for God’s voice

14. Getting mail

15. Having a car

16. Listening to music on K-Love in surround sound

17. The laughter of my sister and the life within her eyes

18. The silly-fun love of my brother

19. My dad thinking of me while in Africa

20. The hugs of my mom

21. The warmth of a blanket to snuggle in

22. Laughter over games, especially Mario Brothers

23. Sister dates of sushi and then coffee

24. Relaxing Sunday afternoons

25. Cool water to drink that quenches my thirst


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